EMU Basketball Player Dismissed for Felony Charges

Is there anything in your past you wish you could take back?

Is there something in your history that has followed you ever years later?

When we were teenagers and young adults, we all did something that we may now regret. For most of us though, it didn’t bring on felony charges. However, for Eastern Michigan’s James Still, that was just the case.

Years before EMU ever considered Still as a potential Eagle, Still was a star at Providence College. During his time there, he and another player attacked another student. The student that was attacked suffered a broken nose and broken eye socket according to the Detroit Free Press. The attack lead to felony charges, a suspension for the basketball team and eventually leaving Providence.

After Still left Providence, he was picked up by Henry Ford Community College. At Henry Ford, James Still worked to turn his life around and maintained his stellar performance on the court earning himself:

  • Quite a few positive recommendations
  • An Associate Degree

This is when Eastern Michigan University comes into the story and signs Still knowing about his pending felony charges. The Free Press reports:

In a statement this evening, EMU said a student facing criminal charges “is not automatically precluded from admission” but must be approved by a review board.”

Still’s past caught up with him and due to his guilty plea on Tuesday night, EMU has officially dismissed him from all team events. The school cited their discipline policy,

Any student-athlete convicted of or pleading no contest to a felony charge … shall be permanently dismissed from the team.”

Do you think it was fair to recruit James Still just to dismiss him with only two games into the season?