Michigan Cities Adding Fees for Drunk Driving

Is your city adding fees for those caught drunk driving?

Have you or has someone you love been caught drinking and driving? If caught, there are fines, court fees, license suspensions and criminal charges that may carry into someone’s career and reputation. In Michigan, there are cities that believe that these consequences are not enough and will be adding on more.

On November 28, according to the hollandsentinel.com in Holland, Michigan a new recommendation will be voted on at the city hall. This recommendation includes additional fines ranging from $50 to $400 on top of the thousands of dollars drunk driving in Michigan can cost you.

City Manager Ryan Cotton called the ordinance “catching up” with other agencies in the county. Ottawa County has a similar ordinance as does Zeeland, Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg, he said. “Almost everyone else in Ottawa County is doing this,” Mayor Kurt Dykstra said.

The additional fees are to supplement the extra time it takes for arresting, booking and extra paperwork for drunk driving cases. Police Captain Bob Buursma says that it takes 2 extra hours. These fees will help the city to recover after budget cuts affect their police division.

Our ultimate goal is not to make more drunk driving arrests,” Buursma said. “It’s to create a fear of getting arrested for it,” therefore deterring more drunken driving.

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