The Latest in the Kilpatrick Trial

What’s been happening in Kwame’s corruption trial?

Do you know who Daniel Edwards is and why he spent 7 hours being question by the defense?

4 Month Long Trial

We have heard that the Kilpatrick trial would be lasting 4 months. That would be 4 months of testimonies and cross examinations about the corruption of what has been dubbed the Kilpatrick Enterprise. If you are not from the great city of Detroit or are somehow not familiar with the ex-mayor, let me first share with you who Kwame Kilpatrick is and why his trial has so many Detroiters attention.

In 2001, Kwame Kilpatrick became the first African American to serve has house minority leader. Kilpatrick, who has always been a man of charisma, successfully ran for the city of Detroit mayor’s office in 2001 and held the office until he was forced to resign in 2008.

The 7 Hour Testimony

Who is the one man giving a 7 hours of testimony? That man is Daniel Edwards from the water department and his job was to explain what the Detroit Free Press calls the ‘complicated process of awarding contracts.” The Detroit Free Press reported:

Everybody understands that this is a confusing area,” U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds told the jury. “If you’re totally lost, or even a little bit lost, just raise your hand. “Most of the jurors shot up their hands. So did two defense lawyers and Bernard Kilpatrick, the ex-mayor’s father and co defendant.

What is Behind The 7 Hour Testimony?

The goal behind the 7 hour testimony is to explain whether Kilpatrick “rigged bids to get rich” or as the defense will try to prove that there was no favoritism.

Have you been paying close attention to the trial? What have you found that was most surprising?