Bill Cosby Will Not Be Prosecuted in 1974 Molestation Case

Bill Cosby

How many women have come forward recently saying that Bill Cosby molested them?

Has your opinion changed?

One of America’s favorite T.V. dads is being seen in a different light recently. Since early November, at least 15 women had come forward saying that they were sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby decades ago according to CBS News.

Many of the women share a similar story reporting that Cosby drugged them before assaulting them. Recently, one of the women filed charges against Cosby. It has been reported that Cosby will not be prosecuted because the statute of limitations have passed.

The allegations have led to a media frenzy and has even derailed Bill Cosby’s career.

The Statue of Limitations Has Passed

Recently, Judy Huth filed charges against Bill Cosby for molesting her as a child. The Detroit Free Press reports that around 1974 in one of the bedrooms at the Playboy Mansion, Cosby forced Huth to perform a sex act on him when she was 15 years old.

The prosecutors met with Huth for 90 minutes about the allegations; however, the statue of limitations for molesting a child under the age of 18 has run out.

The statute of limitations,

  • For a misdemeanor case is a year.
  • For a felony sex crime in 1974 is 3 years.

The Detroit Free Press also reported Judy Huff’s lawyer,

“It is our understanding that the decision not to prosecute was based on the statute of limitations and not on the merits of Ms. Huth’s claims,” Huth’s attorney, Gloria Allred, wrote in a statement.

The Media Frenzy

It was sometime in November when I started to see articles posted and shared on my Facebook news feed about Bill Cosby and his many alleged rape assaults. One was a clip of a comedian from Cosby’s home town calling him a rapist. The Philadelphia Magazine posted a clip of the comedian Hannibal Buress and the clip went viral back in October.

Even the co-host of the “Today” show, Kathy Lee Gifford, admitted to Bill Cosby trying to kiss her while she opened for him on a comedy tour. The NY Daily News reported Gifford sharing a fond memory of Cosby making her and her back-up singers cappuccinos before their show.

“A memory that now gives her a “chill” in the wake of claims by supermodel Beverly Johnson that Cosby had attacked her after spiking the same drink with drugs.”I’m not saying these women’s allegations are not true,” said Gifford. “From my own personal experiences, it didn’t happen.””

What Camille Cosby Has to Say

Camille, Bill Cosby’s wife, is standing by her husband. According to an article by, Camille compared the treatment of her husband to the Rolling Stones article about a University of Virginia rape that never happened.

While accusations seem to be coming at Bill Cosby from everywhere, he has still never been charged in connection with any of them. His lawyer continues to deny the claims.

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