The “Super Drunk” Mom Officially Charged

If your are not familiar with Michigan’s “super drunk” law, you may want to.

The state of Michigan considers your blood alcohol level to be over the legal limit at .08. At a BAC of .17, in the state of Michigan you are considered to be under the “super drunk” law. The penalties for the “super drunk” law are much harsher then the typical OWI penalties.

In July of 2011, Leslie Buscher was charged with an OWI or operating while intoxicated. The arresting officers found her “slumped over the steering wheel”. In Ms. Buscher car was a half full cup of vodka and her two children ages 2 and 4. The arresting officers found her blood alcohol level (BAC) l to be at a .40.

Super Drunk Mom’s Charges Dismissed

Ms. Buscher pled not guilty to OWI charges. Buscher’s lawyer argued that she had been parked on private property when the arrest was made and therefore she should never been arrested. In January of 2012, the charges were dropped.

However, soon eye witnesses turned up stating the Buscher had indeed be driving because the car had only been on the side of the road for a short time. According to Woodtv8, that was all the officers needed to be convinced that she had driving while drinking.

In April of 2012, the charges were reinstated and her sentencing was set for October.

Super Drunk Mom Found Guilty

A Van Buren County district judge found Leslie Buscher guilty. She was found guilty of:

  • Michigan’s “super drunk”law – operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level .17 or over
  • Driving with intoxicated with an occupant under the age of 16.
  • Having an open intoxicant

What are your thoughts? Do you think that someone with a blood alcohol .40 should be charged whether they were driving or parked on private property?