No Evidence Left Behind

No evidenceMartin Tucker won his boxing match only leaving him with a bloody nose.

What he did not know is that his bloody nose would end up linking him to a 2009 bank robbery. 

An FBI agent had somehow obtained a bloody swab that had been used to stop the bleeding nose. Whether the swab was obtained legally or not, it has now linked Martin Tuckers DNA to a mask that may have been used and the steering wheel of the getaway car.

Martin Tucker is a 32-year-old roofer and part-time light weight boxer. Mr. Tucker has won once out of the last 7 of his boxing matches. The last match that Mr. Tucker won was the match that linked him with a robbery in 2009.

The alleged crime that Mr. Tucker has been charged with is, while masked Mr. Tucker used a handgun to rob $5,400. Mr. Tucker was arrested last week and held without bond.

According to The Hoffington Post, the FBI agent who had obtained the swab refused to comment on how he acquired it. Somehow, Mr. Tucker had discarded the swab probably without a second thought and that is when the FBI agent capitalized. Mr. Tucker’s lawyer seems to think that the swab was obtained legally and was even quoted saying,

“We leave our fingerprints, bits of hair and skin all over the place. If you’re a boxer, sometimes you leave your blood around.”

We see this kind of thing happen on television all the time and even reading the story now, it sounds like the next big box office event. However, it is important to remember that this is not a big box office event and the charges Mr. Tucker is facing are very real.

This shows how far law enforcement will go to acquire and secure the tiniest bit of evidence. If you have been a part of some past unlawful event, Mr. Tucker’s experience is one to take note of. If you believe that you may be under investigation, you may consider talking with a lawyer so that you may be advised in the legal process.