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Driving Under the Influence in Michigan – What you need to know

Driving Under the Influence in Michigan – What you need to know

What cities in Michigan have voted to decriminalize marijuana? Can you have an open container of alcohol on a boat? Independence Day is almost here and this year, many Michigan residents will be celebrating. Between potato salad, catching up with

How to Get Your Revoked Driver’s License Back

Has your license been taken away after a DUI charge? Did you get a letter in the mail warning you that you have too many points on your license? While many might think of the ability to drive as a

Drinking and Lawn Care Don’t Mix

Have you ever enjoyed a cold beer while doing some lawn work? The next time you are looking to mow your lawn and reach for a beer, you may want to think again. While in this particular case that we

Police DUI Cover-up in Battle Creek Exposed and Examined

What happens when a police officer pulls over another police officer for drinking and driving? Today, we will be examining a DUI related case about a police cover-up that took place in Battle Creek, Michigan. Last summer, officers William Gensch,

Marijuana and Driving Under the Influence in Michigan

Have you been confused about the laws surrounding marijuana in Michigan? In November of 2012, four Michigan cities voted and passed the decriminalization for personal use of marijuana. These four cities, Flint, Detroit, Grand Rapids and Ypsilanti joined the city

Michigan’s Drinking and Driving Laws in 2013

How did you celebrate the 4th of July? Did you enjoy your time off work by having a few drinks? Happy Friday everyone and happy belated 4th of July! How did you spend your holiday? Were you with family and

Can You Be Arrested For Drinking and Driving a John Deere Tractor?

Does drinking and driving extend to tractor drivers? Think you’re safe driving your John Deere after a few drinks? It doesn’t take much to drink enough to hit Michigan’s legal blood alcohol limit (.08). For some of us, we can’t

Michigan Man Charged with OWI While Driving a Lawn Mower

Are you aware that the drunk driving laws aren’t just for cars? Hello and happy Monday. This morning was beautiful, wasn’t it? I love Detroit in the spring. Today, we are looking at a story where a man was arrested

DUI Charge Could Cause One Man to Lose His Livelihood

Have you ever known someone who has been charged with a DUI? If you have ever known someone to be charge with a DUI or OWI, then you know how difficult and overwhelming it can be. However, what if your

Holiday DUI Stats Published

Do you know when you’ve had too much to drink? Have you recently gained or lost weight? Holidays tend to come with holiday drinks. Christmas eggnog and New Year’s Eve champagne just go well together. It can be difficult to