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Boating Laws in Michigan – Regulations You Need to Know

Are you aware of what the boating laws in Michigan are? Summer is approaching ,and the weather is warming up. One of the best parts of living in Michigan is experiencing the amazing Michigan lakes in the summertime. You might

Michigan Boating Laws and Alcohol Limits You Need to Know

Are you getting your boat out this weekend? Looking to relax while on the open water? The state of Michigan often gets a bad rap for the weather. Once spring comes. and the temperatures start to warm up, you start

Driving Under the Influence in Michigan – What you need to know

Driving Under the Influence in Michigan – What you need to know

What cities in Michigan have voted to decriminalize marijuana? Can you have an open container of alcohol on a boat? Independence Day is almost here and this year, many Michigan residents will be celebrating. Between potato salad, catching up with

5 Michigan Boating Laws You Need To Know

Is there a legal limit to drinking and boating in Michigan? I’ve been charged with reckless operation while driving my boat, what does that mean? One of the best parts about living in Michigan is the number of beautiful lakes

Michigan Boating and Drinking – Highest Number of Tickets in 3 Years

How often do you designate someone to driving while drinking on a boat? Are you aware of the boating and drinking laws in Michigan? If you have grown up in Michigan, most likely you have spent time on a lake.

Michigan Boaters 2013 – Boating and Alcohol Law Limits

Did you know that the blood alcohol content level that is permitted when driving a boat may be changing? Happy Friday! What a beautiful Friday it is! The weather is getting warmer and if you own a boat, you may

Michigan Boating and Alcohol Laws

Are you planning to open that bottle of ice-cold beer while on your boat this summer? The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is time to set sail on the wonderful lakes Michigan has to offer. There is