Drinking and Lawn Care Don’t Mix

DUI on lawy mower

Have you ever enjoyed a cold beer while doing some lawn work?

The next time you are looking to mow your lawn and reach for a beer, you may want to think again. While in this particular case that we are looking at today, the individual was not mowing his lawn. He was, however, on his lawn mower and has been officially charged with a DUI.

According to the Huffington Post, 55-year-old Thomas Marrone of Pennsylvania was driving down on the side of the road, in his lawn mower when he was pulled over. The police quickly smelled alcohol on his breath and noticed the opened can of beer Marrone had with him. It was 1:30 am and Marrone was driving him (which was about 6.4 miles away).

The lesson to be learned here, is that before you decide to operate any type motorize vehicle make sure that if you’ve been drinking that you have a designated driver. The fines for drinking and driving even if it’s in a lawn mower can be steep.

In Michigan, if it is your first time offense you could be facing, according to the State of Michigan,

  • Fines up to $500
  • Jail time up to 93 days
  • Community service up to 360 hours
  • License suspension for 180 days

If you are under the age of 21 or with a blood alcohol level about .17, the Michigan State Police’s website states:

  • It is a crime for a driver to have a bodily alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or greater if over age 21 or .02 or greater if under 21.
  • In addition, Michigan has a high-BAC law with enhanced penalties for anyone caught driving with a BAC of .17 or higher”.

The next time you are working in the yard and enjoy a few beers, maybe save the lawn mowing for another day.