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Federal Investigation: How long can you be investigated? What You Need to Know

American flag and gavel depicting federal investigation

When you hear the words federal investigation in the news, you get the sense that someone is pulling out the big guns. The words are used and oftentimes meant to strike fear in people’s hearts.

Under Federal Investigation: Are you a Witness, Subject, or Target?

American flag and gavel depicting a federal investigation

Are you involved in a federal investigation? Part of what makes a federal investigation so intimidating – from the perspective of a defendant – is that federal agencies don’t work precisely the same way as the state.

Can the Federal Government Wiretap Your Phone Calls: What You Need to Know

Gavel depicting Federal Government wiretap

When federal agents show up at your front door, it’s disconcerting, to say the least. Moreover, no one wants to be investigated by a federal agency. What is often, even more, worrying for people is when federal agents show up

Immunity in Your Federal Case: What You Need to Know

American flag and gavel depicting immunity in a federal case

Anyone who has been under investigation for a federal crime can tell you: this is no joke. It might be one of the scariest situations you’ll ever face. Not only do federal crimes carry harsher penalties than state crimes. The

Arrested for Failing to Wear a Mask: What You Need to Know

Face masks

Can you get arrested for not wearing a mask in Michigan?

Constitutional Rights Threatened by Quarantine in Michigan

American flag depicting constitutional rights

Have Michigan Residents’ Constitutional Rights Been Threatened?

Federal Charges for Hoarding & Price Gouging: What You Need to Know

Judge holding gavel with gloves on depicting price gouging charges

Are you a nurse, doctor, or a critical infrastructure worker? Has your supply of safety equipment – gloves and masks – been rationed by your employer because there isn’t enough to go around? As if the mounting death toll around

Is Intentionally Spreading COVID-19 a Terrorism Act?

American flag and gavel depciting terrorism

In so many ways, it’s hard to believe the news stories these days are real. At least three people have been arrested, and potentially charged with terrorism, for coughing in public. You know how you should never make a joke

Everything You Want to Know About the Courts in Michigan

Michigan Hall of Justice

Every state has numerous courts. It can be bewildering when you encounter the court system for the first time. To everyone who works in the court system, the information is old news; they give the same directions all the time.

Federal Charges for a Fake Resume

American flag and gavel depicting federal charges - fake resume

Can you face federal charges for a fake resume?