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Federal Drug Crimes: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Have you been charged with a drug crime offense? Maybe you are facing both state and federal drug charges, and you are wondering how this could have happened. How could you be facing two sets of charges at the same

The Unregulated World of Body Brokers

The unregulated world of body brokers has been making headlines across the country. The story is like a scene from a horror film set in a filthy Detroit warehouse. Everywhere you look there are piles of dead flies and insects.

Federal Bribery Charges: What You Need To Know

What is federal bribery? This particular crime is outlined in federal statute 18 U.S.C. § 666, although there’s nothing uncanny about it. Federal program bribery is also called program fraud or theft. It is a serious crime that carries serious

Top Federal Crimes that Result in the Death Penalty

Did you know that there are two crimes in this country that can earn you the death penalty, even if you don’t kill anyone? All of the other serious federal crimes for which the death penalty is one possible sentence

Federal Crimes vs. State Crimes – Differences You Need to Know

How do you know which crimes are state crimes and which are federal crimes? Sometimes television shows have federal law enforcement bodies, such as the FBI, investigating the same types of crimes as police departments. Since we tend to know

Basketball Coaches Charged: The New White Collar Criminals?

The U.S. Justice Department has arrested ten men. The group includes four college basketball coaches and one global marketing director for Adidas basketball. What was their crime? The charges involve “the dark underbelly of college basketball.”

Sex Addiction and Criminal Charges: What You Need To Know

How common is sex addiction and the related charges? The saga continues for Dr. Larry Nassar, a former Michigan State University sports doctor. He has been accused of sexually abusing more than 100 former patients through MSU’s sports programs and

Polygraph Test: Inaccurate and Easy to Beat?

Doug Williams, a licensed polygraph test examiner, is in federal prison right now. He started out his career as a cop and eventually studied to be a polygraph examiner. In the course of his work with polygraph tests, he started

Price Fixing and the Law: What You Need To Know

Do you know you can get up to $70 back from the dairy industry if you’ve purchased any milk product in the state of Michigan since 2003? Why would anyone just give you money for having purchased milk? It’s because

Counterfeiting Charges: What You Need To Know

When most of us think of counterfeiting, we think of something like the story from 2009 where someone made change with fake bills in several stores in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We picture rows of wet, newly minted fake bills drying