Michigan Prostitution Laws and Related Offenses

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This past weekend, I watched the movie, The Equalizer. If you haven’t seen the movie, the plot line revolves around a mysterious man, McCall, who is portrayed by Denzel Washington.

McCall seems like a man of good character and wants to help others. In this desire to help, he finds himself befriending a Russian prostitute that he sees at a local diner.

The girl clearly wants more for her life, but finds that she is unable to get out of the business that she has somehow found herself in. As the movie progresses, the deep, intricate, and even dangerous aspects of this job are addressed. Without giving too much away, it made me want to hit on this topic of prostitution to help gain some clarification in how it relates specifically to Michigan laws.

Prostitution in Michigan

Prostitution, while not directly defined in Michigan, is implied as one engaging in sexual activity for pay. Prostitution is a misdemeanor in the State of Michigan. For those that are convicted of prostitution, they are looking at serving jail time, paying fines, receiving a record, and even put on a registered sex offender list in Michigan.

The penalty can increase for a second offense. When a person is charged with multiple accounts of prostitution, they can face a felony conviction. It is also illegal to solicit a prostitute. That means when a person is seeking the services of a prostitute by accosting, inviting or soliciting, they can be charged with a misdemeanor crime.

Related Offenses

When it comes to Michigan law, it is the related offenses that will get the more severe criminal punishments. That is crimes like: pimping, selling, solicitation, and pandering in general are all felony related crimes.

For example, it is a felony in Michigan when a person is caught pimping or pandering a prostitute. Pimping and pandering is acting as a middle person that collects money between two people who are engaging in sexual relations for money. In addition, if a person even introduces a woman to becoming a prostitute it is also considered a felony in Michigan. If a person knowingly shares in the earnings of a female prostitute, they are also guilty of a felony.

Bawdy Houses

A “Bawdy House” is a house of prostitution. This is a felony crime in Michigan. Michigan law is set up a physical location in which prostitution happens. That also includes landlords that might even rent out space to someone that is using their room or space as a place for prostitution. Landlords are responsible and can be charged with a misdemeanor.

When it comes to prostitution in Michigan, each case is handled differently and the punishments will differ from case to case. If you have been charged with prostitution, or crimes related to prostitution, it is important that you seek experienced legal advice and representation.

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