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Ponzi Scheme: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Ponzi scheme defense attorney

What is a Ponzi scheme? You may have heard the term Ponzi scheme used interchangeably with the term pyramid scheme. However, they are not the same thing. Both a Ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme boast high payouts to some of

Pyramid Schemes: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Have you ever joined a direct-sales company after meeting someone who seemed to have it all together; to be going places? Have you ever gotten into sales at one of these companies and realized it wasn’t all that it was

Bid Rigging: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Bid rigging antitrust attorney, David J. Kramer

If you own or manage a company that provides the same services as many other companies, how do you remain competitive? How do you deal with your competitors? At times you may wish or choose to collude with your competitors;

Price Fixing: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Price fixing antitrust defense attorney, David J. Kramer

If you have never heard of price fixing, believe it or not, there’s a movie devoted to this dry, illegal business practice. This movie is called The Informant. It stars Matt Damon as real-life informant Mark Whitacre, who went undercover

Antitrust Violation Attorney: Laws, Charges, Penalties & Defense

Antitrust violation attorney David J. Kramer

Are you being investigated for a federal antitrust violation?

Money Laundering: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Money laundering defense attorney - David J. Kramer

Are you being investigated for money laundering?

Kickbacks: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Detroit Kickbacks Attorney David J. Kramer Law Firm, PLLC

Are you or a loved one being investigated for kickbacks?

Intellectual Property Theft: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Gavel depicting Intellectual property theft

Have you or has a loved one been charged with intellectual property theft? The concept of intellectual property theft might not be the first crime that comes to your mind when you think of theft. However, with the rise of

Insurance Fraud: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Gavel on book - Insurance fraud attorney David J. Kramer

Are you or is a loved one being investigated for insurance fraud in Michigan? In Michigan, if you have made a substantial insurance claim related to an automobile accident, you may be subject to private investigation by your insurance company.

Insider Trading: Charges, Penalties & Defense

In the 1987 movie Wall Street, the character Gordon Gekko famously says “greed…is good.” If you’ve seen this movie you know it’s one of the most famous fictional stories of insider trading. Insider trading is one of the most vigorously