Powdered Alcohol in Michigan: What You Need to Know

Powdered Alcohol in Michigan: What You Need to Know

Do you think Michigan should ban powdered alcohol?

A new product is making headlines. Police and doctors in Michigan are now standing against it saying that it could easily get into the hands of our children. What is this product?

What is Powered Alcohol?

Powered alcohol was created by a man named Mark Phillips. His product is call Palcohol which a powder version of vodka, rum and three cocktails. According to Palcohol.com, if used as directed by adding six ounces of water, it will contain the same amount of alcohol as a standard mix drink.

Back in March, Michigan Live reported that the powdered alcohol product called Palcohol had been approved for sale by the federal government.

However, it is up to Michigan to decide if you can purchase it here.

Michigan Liquor Control Commission

According to the same article by Michigan Live article, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission has the sole authority to determine if powdered alcohol can be sold in the Great Lakes State.

If Mark Phillips wants to have his product sold in Michigan, he will have to contact the financial management division of the Liquor Control Commission. He will have to seek a process by which vendors can have their products listed and approved for sale in Michigan.

However, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission Andrew Deloney had this to say if there is a public safety piece to consider.

“The public safety component is an extremely important component. So when we have these types of, if you want to call them innovations, that is something we look at carefully.”

Concerns About Palcohol

Why are doctors, police chiefs, and doctors all over Michigan working against getting this product in Michigan? According to the Detroit News those seeking legislation to ban the sale of powdered alcohol in Michigan say,

“They’re worried people may inadvertently make overly potent drinks with water or instead mix the product with alcoholic beverages to create a “super-alcoholic” drink.”

The Detroit Free Press reports,

“The unsafe product will open the door to more underage drinking and drunken driving. They also fear people will mix the product with alcoholic beverages to create a “super-alcoholic” drink.”

Michigan Live reported,

“The kids are already looking forward to having this product. They talk about it coming in packets like Kool-Aid.” ~ Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge

“This is probably the most reckless and dangerous product that I’ve seen introduced in my tenure as a public safety officer. There’s no redeeming quality for this product.” ~ Allegan County Sheriff Blaine Koops

Six other states have already banned powdered alcohol. Those states include Louisiana, Maryland, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia.

What Does Mark Phillips the Creator of Palcohol Have to Say?

On the first page of Palcohol’s website, creator Mark Phillips addresses the concern for children.

He writes about how difficult it would be for a 15-year-old to purchase a bottle of vodka at a liquor store. “There is no way a 15 year old can buy vodka at a liquor store.” However, Phillips says it is much easier for a 15-year-old to get a hold of marijuana. He writes that is due to alcohol being regulated and marijuana not.

What Do You Think?

Do you think Michigan should join the other six states where powdered alcohol is banned? Or, do you think that the liquor industry is just trying to get rid of competition