Detroit Suburb Student Gives Teacher Marijuana Laced Cookie

Student Gives Teacher Marijuana Laced Cookie
As marijuana becomes decriminalized across the State of Michigan, there is and will be a lot of confusion.

The federal government has reported that they will allow states like Washington, Colorado, and now Alaska to regulate and implement initiatives that legalize marijuana use for adults.

Yet, the federal government has also given stipulations or what they refer to as priorities. Here are the 8 Priorities as reported by the Huffington Post.

8 Priorities That the Department Of Justice Will Prosecute Individuals or Entities to Prevent include:

  1. The distribution of marijuana to minors.
  2. Revenue from the sale of marijuana from going to criminal enterprises, gangs and cartels.
  3. The diversion of marijuana from states where it is legal under state law in some form to other states.
  4. State-authorized marijuana activity from being used as a cover or pretext for the trafficking of other illegal drugs or other illegal activity.
  5. Violence and the use of firearms in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana.
  6. Drugged driving and the exacerbation of other adverse public health consequences associated with marijuana use.
  7. Growing of marijuana on public lands and the attendant public safety and environmental dangers pose by marijuana production on public lands.
  8. Preventing marijuana possession or use on federal property.

The Distribution of Marijuana to Minors

Legally speaking the language used here allows the feds to have plenty of leeway and specifically speaking to the first priority, the distribution of marijuana to minors.

In my article, Marijuana Legalization: Marijuana Goes Legal in Alaska, I note that the Justice Department officials have said that if a distributor were to use a cartoon character in their marketing, there could be grounds for prosecution. The argument could be made that the disruptor was intending to distribute to minors.

There is a huge concern about minors getting their hands on marijuana.

Michigan Student Gives Marijuana Laced Cookie to Teacher

Yesterday, the Detroit Free Press reported that a student at Seaholm High School gave a teacher a marijuana laced cookie.

“Birmingham police say toxicology tests confirm there were traces of THC in a Seaholm High School teacher’s system after he reportedly ate a marijuana-laced cookie that was given to him by one of his students.”

The student is now facing 10 years in prison for food tampering.

Shortly after the teacher ate the cookie, he became ill and was taken to Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital.

Click on Detroit quoted Dr. Lawrence Dell who is a physician at Lakes Urgent Care. While Dr. Dell didn’t treat the teacher he had this to say about the side effects of edible marijuana,

“You’re getting a much bigger dose over a longer period of time, so you could be absorbing it for three or four days on a brownie or cookie. It’s like someone who never drank alcohol all of a sudden drank a fifth of whiskey.”


Questions remain about this particular situation. Questions like, how did the student get a hold of the marijuana? How would a teenage know how to infuse marijuana into a cookie? We do not know the name of the student and it was reported that the student does that have a medical marijuana card by the Detroit Free Press.

Questions like the one above and the sheer confusion that surrounds the decriminalization of marijuana in our state and county require a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney when individuals are facing marijuana related charges.

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