Bernard Kilpatrick Defense Paints Him as the Victim

Are you looking for the latest in the Kwame Kilpatrick case?

Wondering how the defense planned to sway the jury?

Happy Monday!  It has been quite a day with the observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the Presidential Inauguration Day. For some of us, we are enjoying a lovely day off. Here in Michigan while it is a bit cold, it is beautiful winter day. With every Monday, we cover the latest in the Kwame Kilpatrick corruption trial. Today, we are sharing how the defense is painting Bernard Kilpatrick as a victim.

If you have not been following the case or are new to Detroit, let me start by giving you a little bit of a background. Kwame Kilpatrick was once a Detroit hero and the city looked forward to his advancing career. It wasn’t long before he became the mayor of Detroit. He brought with him success and the kind of swag that every Detroiter loved.

That all came crashing to a halt in 2008 when the Kwame sex scandal came to light. That scandal caused him 1 million dollars in restitution to the city of Detroit, 5 years probation, 120 days in jail and his registration. If that wasn’t enough, more woes came trailing in for the former mayor of Detroit.

Now a federal case has Kwame, Bernard Kilpatrick (Kwame’s father) and the former water department chief, Victor Mercado, all accused of racketeering, bribery and extortion. The government has also accused the Kilpatrick Enterprise of lining their pockets with tax payer dollars.

We have been covering this trial because like many of you, I am a Detroiter and I am interested in this trial and what it means for my city.

The Latest in the Kilpatrick Enterprise Trial

According to the Detroit Free Press, Bernard Kilpatrick’s defense is trying their hand at painting him as a victim to the jury.

Bernard Kilpatrick got played. That’s the seed that was planted in the jury’s mind Friday as a defense lawyer argued that the ex-mayor’s father was used for his political ties to seal the deal on a billion-dollar sludge contract, then got stiffed for all his work.

So, I put it to you, the people.  Do you think Bernard is the victim? Do you think the defense and a chance at making the jury believe that? What do you think?