Kilpatrick Corruption Trial Update

Looking for the latest on the on goings of the Kilpatrick corruption trial?

Did Kwame Kilpatrick’s mom pay his restitution payment?

Are you snowed in? I know the University of Michigan-Flint campus was closed today due to the weather. You know it’s bad when college campuses are closing. Make sure you stay safe out there. It just wouldn’t be a Michigan winter without a few snow days, right?

If you are a fellow Detroiter, then you’ve probably been following the Kwame Kilpatrick trial. I know I have. Kwame himself faces over 30 counts, Bobby Ferguson faces 11 and Kwame’s father, Bernard Kilpatrick, faces 4 counts. If you want to know what exactly Kwame has been charged with, check out, Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Back In Detroit.

According to the Detroit Free Press,

Jury deliberations in Kwame Kilpatrick’s public corruption trial will stretch into day seven today, barring weather and health conditions. Deliberations were cut short Monday when a juror got sick, and the forecast calls for loads of snow.”

If you are wondering if Kwame’s moms paid his restitution payment, well, she did. Another article published in the Detroit Free Press reported that this is the second month in a row that Kilpatrick’s mom paid his $500 restitution payment to the City of Detroit.

Kilpatrick still owes more than $854,000 to the city as part of a settlement he reached during the text-message scandal. He went to jail for a weekend last month for failing to disclose to state officials almost $6,000 in gifts, including a $2,000 cash wire transfer he received from a pastor in Chicago.

What do you think the future holds for Kwame and his fellow defendants? Do you believe that “Kilpatrick Enterprise” was defending well? How do you think the City of Detroit will react to the jurors’ decision?