Medical Marijuana Could Soon Be Sold in Michigan Pharmacies

Has the federal government reclassified marijuana?

Will edibles like brownies infused with marijuana be available in Michigan pharmacies?

Marijuana has been making headlines across the state of Michigan and the nation for a while now. More and more cities in Michigan are decriminalizing the drug. These cities are decriminalizing marijuana by making possession of certain amounts of the drug a civil infraction.

Medical Marijuana Bills Passed by House Judiciary Committee

Medical marijuana could be in local pharmacies all across Michigan in 2014. The Detroit Free Press reported,

A pair of bills that would allow for the use of medical marijuana-infused products, as well as legalizing dispensaries for cannabis, passed the House Judiciary committee Tuesday morning on unanimous votes.”

Bills Unlikely To Pass This Year

Those bills were passed on a unanimous vote and are now off to the Senate. However, tomorrow the Legislature is adjourning making it unlikely that they would be voted on this year.

If passed in the Senate like these bills passed in the House though, it is likely that cities all over Michigan will soon be able to decide if they will allow the selling of medical marijuana-infused products and have dispensaries in their communities to sell medical marijuana.

The Third Bill

There is a third bill that was also approved. This third bill will allow for pharmacies to produce and sell medical marijuana. According to the Free Press report, this bill has already passed the Senate and there is a possibility that it “could go to final passage before the holidays.” In addition, it is “contingent upon the federal government reclassifying marijuana from an illegal substance to one that can be prescribed.”

Some Michigan residents are worried that if this bill is passed then it will take business away from home growers. They are concerned that the growing of marijuana will be outsourced to non Michigan corporations.

With legislation changing every month, it can be difficult to know what is legal and what is not. If you live in a city that has voted to decriminalize marijuana, you might think it is safe to possess the amount your city is set.

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