Why Wasn’t Charles Pugh Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct?

Criminal sexual conduct

Are you wondering why the former Detroit Council President will not face any criminal sexual conduct charges?

Have you been following the Charles Pugh case?

While many Detroiters were enjoying the snow this past weekend, one previous resident of Detroit had different reasons to celebrate. Last week, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper and her office determined that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to charge Charles Pugh with a criminal crime.

Charles Pugh had been facing a fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. If convicted, Pugh faced 2 years in prison and/or a fine of $500. However, Pugh was not convicted. He wasn’t even charged.

What Actually Happened?

That was the question the prosecutor’s office had to answer before moving forward with any charges.

It all started when Pugh was mentoring a 17-year-old boy from Fredrick Douglas Academy. After taking the 17-year-old shopping, and while sitting in a parking lot, Pugh inappropriately touched the young man’s inner thigh. Pugh’s advances were quickly shut down.

The other part of the story includes text messages and a request that the young man take a naked video of himself.

Assistant Oakland County prosecutor Paul Walton told Fox Detroit,

We’re bound by the law. We can’t prosecute a case based on emotion, what we feel may have happened, we have to go by what the evidence is that we have.”

Pugh Fled the City Of Detroit

Upon hearing the allegations, Charles Pugh reportedly fled the city of Detroit. Whenever allegations of criminal sexual conduct are made, the accused is usually found guilty in the public eye. Just the allegation had Charles Pugh fleeing his job, home and his city.

What Do You Think?
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