Has One Harlem Shake Video Gone Too Far?

Have you seen the Harlem Shake You Tube Videos?

Did you hear that one Michigan High School suspended over 30 students?

If you love social media, it would be hard to miss the new fad. The new fads are the Harlem Shake YouTube videos. All over America from the Mimi Heat to Milford High School in Milford, Michigan, people everywhere are posting Harlem Shake videos to YouTube.

Did the Students Take it Too Far?

While it all may seem like a social media fad, around 30 students have been suspended due to the video.

According to the Detroit News,

The video showed several students in a classroom appearing to study, except for one boy wearing a helmet dancing in between the rows of desks. It then abruptly switches to several clips of the students dancing in a sexually suggestive manner, including one of whom had a live duck.

Is the High School Overreacting?

The school administration handed out 3-5 day suspensions and in an article at Patch.com said the suspension should not affect the student college plans,

Students are suspended everyday (in the district) for a variety of reasons,” McKenna said. “It doesn’t show up on their ‘academic’ record but a discipline record is created. If a college requests the discipline record, it’s supplied, but the majority of universities and colleges do not initially request the discipline record.

That article continued with reports of the student being allowed to make up the missing work.

You Decide.

The Milford community seems to remain divided. The video was filmed on school grounds, but after school hours and the video does imply a sexual aspect that includes a live duck.

But, let’s turn it over to you and let you decide.

Milford High Schools Harlem Shake Video