What Do Driver’s Licenses, Immigrants and Michigan All Have In Common?

On this wintery day in the Detroit area, the low was only 14 degrees. I hope you stayed warm on your morning commute. I know for me to stay warm, I need my big cup of coffee. Today, I wanted to share with you a change that Michigan law recently took.

You might answer the question above as President Obama did, and while you are not wrong, the answer I am looking for is a bit longer. If you are not already aware, last year President Obama advertised a new policy that would allow illegal immigrants to apply for temporary work permits.

The condition was, however, that in order to qualify for a temporary work permit the person would have had to have entered the country illegally as a child. Michigan, along with others states, were resistant to the new policy when it concerned offering drivers licenses to those immigrants.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

Johnson, a Republican, changed her mind recently ago after the Obama administration clarified the younger immigrants’ legal status.

Here are the clarifications to be eligible:

  • It must be proven that the individual entered the U.S while under the age of 16.
  • Individuals must be 30 years of age or younger
  • Individuals need to have already lived in the U.S for a total of 5 years
  • Individuals must be in school, are a graduate of school or have served in the military.

The answer to the question “what do driver’s licenses, immigrants and Michigan all have in common” is: Yesterday, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and her office began accepting applications for those eligible immigrants seeking to obtain their driver’s license.

Would you share your thoughts? Do you think that eligible immigrants should be able to obtain a driver’s license?