Perjury Charges for Former Head of Detroit Homicide

Did you know Kwame Kilpatrick wasn’t the only one running a criminal enterprise in Detroit?

Was the former head of Detroit Homicide unit dealing drugs?

We all watched the Kwame Kilpatrick corruption trial. But, the corruption doesn’t end there. Detroit Police Department’s former head of the homicide unit is now facing charges that include him purging himself and running a criminal enterprise. On this beautiful spring day in Detroit, we will bring you the latest in this new development.

According to the Detroit Free Press,

Former Lt. William Rice, 63, is expected to be arraigned Wednesday in Detroit’s 36th District Court on two counts of perjury in a capitol case, a felony that carries a penalty of up to life in prison, according to the prosecutor’s office. According to the prosecutor’s office, Rice lied in October 2009 while testifying as a defense alibi witness during an appellate court evidentiary hearing in the case of Davontae Sanford, whose great aunt, Cheryl Sanford, was his longtime girlfriend.”

William Rise is also being accused of running a criminal enterprise where he,

  • Committed mortgage fraud
  • Dealt drugs included marijuana and prescription drugs
  • Acquired money under false pretenses

Will this be another Kilpatrick Corruption Trial? Are there more cases where Mr. Rise perjured himself? Are there innocent people in jail right now because of this man?

A lot of questions come up in cases like this one. If you or someone you love has been misrepresented, please contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. It can make all the difference.

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