Michigan Works Hard to Problem Solve Prison System

Michigan prison system

Michigan legislators and Governor Rick Snyder have been working to problem solve and improve Michigan’s prison system. The following are a few ideas that have come up as a quick recap.

Michigan’s Prison System Problem Solving Recap

  • Expanding the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act which is a program that allows youth’s criminal record to be wiped clean after completely probation requirements.
  • Addressing the root cause of the criminal behaviors like mental health issues or substance abuse.
  • Non violent offenders using Michigan’s specialty courts system.
  • Keeping offenders from offending again by providing and identifying offenders skills prior to being released that are an in-demand field, improving prison training programs, and education prisons on what it’s like living outside the prison
  • Raising juvenile status from seventeen to eighteen years old.
  • Keeping juveniles from being housed with adult offenders.
  • Using presumptive parole for non violent criminals who have served their minimum sentences and have good behavior to obtain parole faster.

Many of these ideas are still being talked about and voted on up in Lansing. However, we can assume that Michigan is reforming its prison system.

With a reported budget of two billion dollars, which is more than a fifth of Michigan’s general fund budget, Governor Snyder has set his mind to reduce that budget to funnel more money to Michigan roads and schools.

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Michigan Department of Corrections Seeks New Slogan

With all these changes, The Detroit News has reported that the Michigan Department of Corrections is seeking a new slogan that will “better reflect its mission of prisoner rehabilitation”.

Employees sent in their ideas on what the new slogan should be here are the 10 finalists as reported by the Detroit News:

  • Focus on Success
  • Promoting Positive Change
  • Creating a Safe and Successful Michigan
  • Protecting Communities and Changing Lives
  • Promoting Success, Transforming Lives
  • Committed to Success
  • Improving Lives and Safeguarding Communities
  • Committed to Protect, Dedicated to Success
  • Dedicated Staff, Positive Culture, Successful Future
  • Public Safety Through Offender Success

Voting is now officially open to the public. You can cast your vote by going to New MDOC Motto.

Take Away

If you have been reading this blog for some time, you will know that I often post articles about the new prison reform. I have worked hard to keep you up to date with what is coming out of Lansing.

Twenty-sixteen is looking up for Michigan with the proposed prison reformation. Michigan legislators and Governor Rick Snyder are working hard to pave a brighter future for Michigan and the state’s prison system.

As the holiday season approaches and we look forward to the New Year, what are you most excited for? Please let me know in the comment section below. Have a safe and happy holiday and may the New Year be healthy and bright.