Kelsey’s Law Bans Michigan’s New Drivers From Texting,Talking & Driving

Michigan Teenagers No Longer Allowed to Drive With Handheld Cell Phones

Is your teenager driving?
Does your teenager text, talk, and drive?

When your baby turns 16, it hits you. They are growing up. The little child that once reached for your hand is now reaching for your car keys. For many parents, watching their child get behind the wheel is terrifying. Unfortunately, as hard as we might try, these new drivers refuse to stay in their parent’s protective bubble.

In January, Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder took a step to protect our babies while they are on the road. This new law really protects them from themselves. Governor Snyder signed a Kelsey Law, prohibiting any use of cell phones by new drivers.

Kelsey’s Law

According to the Detroit Free Press,

The law is named in honor of 17-year-old Kelsey Raffaele from the Upper Peninsula town of Sault St. Marie. Kelsey was killed in a car accident in the winter of 2010 while using her cell phone”.

This new law will prohibit those with Level 1 and 2 driver’s licenses from using their cell phones.

Level 1 License: This license is given to those who must be accompanied by a guardian, parent or a driver 21 or older while driving.

Level 2 License: This license is given to those who have limits on when they can drive and how many additional young passengers they may drive with.

Kelsey’s Law will go into effect this week and for many of us parents, this law is very much welcomed. If you have any questions on how this new law might affect you, do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.

Your Turn

Do you think that Kesley’s Law will curb teenager’s from using cell phones for texting and talking on the phone when they drive?