Hope for Michigan Juveniles Sentenced to Life

Hope for kids

Was a loved one sentenced to life in prison as juvenile?

With yesterday being Valentine’s Day, I will have to admit that it was a bit hard to get going this morning. However, I am glad to back at it and in the office. Today, I want to share some news that may bring hope to many Michigan families.

If one of your loved ones was sentenced to life in prison as a juvenile, you may want to pick up the phone and call me because there is hope for them.

Juveniles No Longer Sentenced to Life

It was in 2012 when the US Supreme Court ruled that it was considered cruel and unusual punishment to sentence juveniles to life in prison. In October, I wrote an article about the change in law. You can read it here:  US Supreme Court Ruled Juveniles Sentenced to Life as Cruel and Unusual

Officially Retroactive

With that ruling came questions about the other 358 juveniles that are currently serving out life sentences. According to USA Today:

On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled the high court’s decision is indeed retroactive, renewing hope for Pruitt and her fellow juvenile lifers. Judge John Corbett O’Meara said those imprisoned as children for life are eligible for parole, and to not allow it would create “an intolerable miscarriage of justice.

This means hope for many families all across Michigan. If your loved one was sentenced to life in prison as a juvenile, now is the time to contact an experienced defense attorney about how to start the parole process.