DUI Charge Could Cause One Man to Lose His Livelihood

DUI Stop sign

Have you ever known someone who has been charged with a DUI?

If you have ever known someone to be charge with a DUI or OWI, then you know how difficult and overwhelming it can be. However, what if your job and your livelihood were based on your ability to drive?  When charged with a DUI in situations like this, it is essential that you, along with an experienced defense attorney, work to reduce that charge.

“Smelled Like Alcohol”

One truck driver found himself in this exact situation. While at a TA Travel Center, a report came into dispatch that the 42-year-old-truck driver “smelled like alcohol”. Who the source was that reported this is unknown, but it appears that it was someone at the station.

According to the ToledoBlade.com,

Minutes later, authorities found the driver filling his rig with fuel at the truck stop. He was arrested by Michigan State Police and taken to the Monroe County jail where a breath test showed a blood-alcohol content of 0.23 percent, according to the Michigan State Police.”

.08 and .02

In Michigan, for those driving a passenger vehicle, the legal blood alcohol limit is .08. Due to commercial vehicles being responsible for driving huge vehicles, in Michigan the commercial vehicle legal blood alcohol limit becomes even more limited at .02.

The Need For An Experienced Defense Attorney

While there is quite a lot of damage that these charges could inflict on this man, with the expertise of an experienced defense attorney on his side, it may be possible to reduce the sentence.