Father Declared Innocent in Devastating Shooting

How far would you go to protect your wife and your daughter?

Sadly, one man had to answer that question and now is living with the consequences. Last month, in Clayton Township, one family dealt with this horrific choice and is now dealing was a devastating loss.

For most of us it was a typical Sunday afternoon. For one Clayton Township family, February 3, 2013 will stick out in their minds forever. It will stick out because on this day, one father had to make a choice to protect his wife and daughter and shot his 17-year-old son.

According to Wilx.com:

The mother and son got into an argument,” said Clayton Township Police Chief Scott Pavlik. “The mother told him to relax and then he went downstairs.” The youth returned and threw a wheelchair across the living room, which rekindled the argument, Pavlik said. The mother, son and sister moved to the kitchen, where the son “began punching and shoving both of them,” the police chief said.

The son was known to the police as having behavioral problems and has had “several dealings” with the son. The Chief of police reported that once the father heard the fight he came out of his bedroom, and with the knowledge of how violent his son had the potential of being, had his .45 caliber handgun aimed at him. The father shot the son in the abdomen. An hour later, the son was pronounced dead at the Hurley Medical Center.

The authorities have decided to release the father. Mlive.com reported that:

This was a very sad and tragic situation, but based on all the evidence, I have determined that the father was legally justified in using deadly force against his son in defense of his wife and daughter,” said Leyton.

I think we all have an answer to the question above, but hope to never have to actually face a devastating situation like this or answer that question. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.