The Dine and Dash that Turned into a High Speed Case

Have you heard of someone dining and then dashing?

Have you ever been tempted to dine and dash yourself?

Happy Friday! It looks like Detroit will have temperatures in the 40s this weekend. That will be a welcome change. Today, I’m sharing a story about one dine and dash escapade that landed one man in a high speed chase with police.

A Meal Like Any Other

It was a meal like any other for most of the people visiting Buffalo Wild Wings in Ferndale, Michigan. A typical day, however, one man was planning to dine at the restaurant and then dash away. Marlon Cortez Stanfield, a 35-year-old Detroit man, enjoyed his meal and dashed away, leaving behind an unpaid 16 dollar food bill.

Dine and Dasher Found

It wasn’t long before a Buffalo Wild Wings employee called in the incident with a description of Stanfield and his vehicle into the police. When Stanfield’s car was spotted by the police at 8 Mile and Livernois, he was pulled over and questioned by the officers. The Detroit Free Press reported,

They talked to Marlon Cortez Stanfield, giving him the opportunity to go back to the restaurant and pay the bill. Instead, according to police, Stanfield yelled an obscenity at them and sped off.  Police chased the car down Livernois and 7 Mile, but ended the pursuit because they knew Stanfield’s identity and it was a minor crime, according to the report.”

Within 30 minutes, police arrived at Stanfield’s home and he was arrested. He was held by Ferndale police and was charge with fleeing and eluding and failing to pay the restaurant bill.

A Prank Gone Wrong

Sometimes a silly prank can turn into something more serious. If you ever find yourself or someone you love in a similar situation, having an experienced attorney can prove to be invaluable. An experienced attorney may be able to reduce or eliminate your current charges.