Man Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct Gets Leniency

Judge gives leniency

Should someone get leniency after committing criminal sexual conduct?

This weekend’s forecast looks like it’s going to be another beautiful fall weekend. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to Reggie Bush and the rest of the Detroit Lions take on the Green Bay Packers. For today’s article, we are looking at a story in which a judge gave a man leniency after being convicted of criminal sexual conduct.

The Sentencing

Thirty-four-year-old Franklin Richard “Rick” Fanning Jr. of Norway drew leniency from Orangeburg, South Carolina Circuit Court Judge Edgar Davis after being convicted of criminal sexual conduct with a 13-year old girl. Rick Fanning Jr. was sentenced to 8 years in prison, 1 year of GPS monitoring after released from prison and placement of the S.C Sex Offender Registry.

Ex-Mayor Stands By Defendant

Ex-mayor Cindy Williams stood next the Fanning during his trial and was the one to ask for leniency from the judge. She reported that Fanning had many struggles growing up including suffering from dyslexia, ADHA, and only made it to the 9th grade in school. Fanning maintains a job as a welder and has struggled with a drug addiction. reported that the relationship between Fanning and the teen started out of a friendship,

Assistant 1st Judicial Circuit Solicitor Sarah Ford said that at the time of the incident back in December 2012, Fanning and the 13-year-old victim were neighbors. Fanning and the victim were friends initially and then he began to compliment her frequently, Ford said. The compliments led to an incident in which Fanning engaged in sexual intercourse with the young teen.”

Later, the victim’s step-mother found letters from Fanning that suggested their physical relationship.

So, What do you think? Should the judge have shown leniency to the defendant? Would you have done this same?