2013 Means New Beginnings for Some Juveniles

How severe do you think the law should be on minors?

Do you believe minors should be offered second chances?

There are often many opinions on how to treat minors when concerning the law. Should a 15-year-old be tried as an adult? Could a 16-year-old really understand the crimes committed and the affect it will have on their future? How tough is too tough and is too tough enough?

On December 14, 2012, Governor Rick Synder signed a bill into law that allows more juvenile offenders to request that their records get cleared.

The Detroit Free Press reported:

The law changes rules for juvenile offenders, allowing them to request that their records be cleared if they have three or fewer misdemeanors or one felony conviction. Prior rules allowed for the request on only one misdemeanor.

The Free Press goes further to tell of one convicted juvenile that had committed a crime at the age of 12 and is now a law abiding citizen who pays his taxes.

We need to give people the freedom to say they’ve got a clean record,” Haveman said. “The very nature of the corrections department is that we’re trying to correct the behavior.

If you are a convicted juvenile who may now qualify to get your record expunged first start with these articles:

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