Detroit’s Homicide Rate Rises to 411

Have you ever taken a cab while in Detroit?

Do you feel safe in the back of a cab?

We’ve all seen people riding in cabs in the movies and most of us can probably say we have taken a cab before. Lately however, it seems that cabs have been targets for criminal activity.

The Free Press reported:

Metro area cab drivers called for an end to the violence against them today after a 48-year-old driver was killed and a female passenger was critically injured on Detroit’s northwest side early this morning. It was the latest attack against cab drivers in the city, where at least four have been targeted in recent months. Two were killed, including a Checker Cab driver who was shot Oct. 16. In another case, a Detroit cab driver shot and killed a passenger who was trying to rob him.

Cab Owner Calls For Help

Nabil Faraj, the owner of Metropolitan Cab said that this is the first time a cabby has been killed in 20 years and he is the one asking for help. He says that he is asking the mayor as well as the police department for help.

Detroit’s cab system is unfortunately not the only ones feeling the violence. Last week we shared about how Detroit homicide rate is the highest it has been in 2 decades – Detroit Rings in Highest Homicide Rate in 2 Decades. The Free Press also reported that out of the 411 homicides in 2012, 333 were shootings.

The Mayor and the Police Department

What does the mayor have to say about the increase in homicides?

I think the message that we want our citizens to understand is we need them,” he said. “We need them to help us. I just don’t believe that our police department should have the total responsibility for safety in the city.

The police department reports that the staffing is sufficient. So what do you think? Is the safety of the people solely in the hands of the police or do citizens share in the responsibility as well?