Operation Mistletoe Called Detroit’s Biggest Raid in Department History

Have you heard about the raids the Detroit police have been conducting?

Did you know that 300 officers swept through a 1.2 square miles area in Detroit?

The Detroit police department has been conducting raids in the past few weeks. There have been a total of three raids and the most recent one, known as Operation Mistletoe, is being called the biggest raid in department history.

Operation Mistletoe in Detroit

300 officers swept through 1.2 square miles during Operation Mistletoe. The area targeted is known for narcotics and shootings on Detroit’s west side. The Detroit Free Press reported that 27 people have been shot in this area alone and most of those shootings were drug related.

With 20 search warrants in hand, the police arrested 37 people.

Police Passed Out Care Packages

The police didn’t just raid the area either; they also handed out care packages. Those care packages contained food for the residents of that area. The Detroit Free Press quoted Detroit Police Chief James Craig as saying,

It’s our way of saying, we’re sorry this wasn’t done a long time ago. This should have been done years ago.”

Promises Made by Chief James Craig

Promises were made by Chief James Craig like “We’re going to keep coming back,” and how the police wouldn’t abandon residents. Abandoned homes and buildings have been secured and the department has plans to visit them later.

Operation Mistletoe seems to go hand in hand with Detroit One. Detroit One is the mayor’s plan to cut the city’s gun related violence. In our article, Detroit’s Plan to Cut Gun Violence, we shared about the three-pronged system to do just that.

It isn’t news to any Detroiter that Detroit has a high homicide rate. Will raids like this be the key to lowering the city’s homicide rates? Will Detroit’s police department be able to continue with the raids? Please let me know what you think in the comment section below.