Co-Defendant Pleads Guilty In Kilpatrick Trial

Kilpatrick Trial Update

Are you looking for the latest news in the Kwame Kilpatrick case?

In the trial that has every Detroiter on edge, one man pled guilty today.

Victor Mercado, the former City of Detroit Water Department Head and a co-defendant in the Kilpatrick trial plead guilty today. He is one of the 4 men involved in the Kilpatrick enterprise. Kilpatrick, Ferguson, Mercado and Bernard Kilpatrick- Kwame’s father- have been charged with running through the mayor’s office a criminal enterprise that lined their pockets.

He pled guilty to conspiracy and helping to steer lucrative contracts toward Bobby Ferguson, Kilpatrick’s contractor and friend. Mercado sited Kilpatrick himself as the reason why he steered those contracts toward Ferguson.

The Plea Deal

Mercado was able to acquire a plea deal. The plea deal included the following:

  • 18 months in prison
  • $100,00 file for conspiring to commit extortion
  • Possible probation

However, according to The Detroit Free Press, Mercado is not completely cooperating. He is refusing to testify against Kilpatrick himself as well as the two other co-defendants.

There was little offered to why a plea deal was struck. The talks for this plea deal started six weeks ago. Mercado’s lawyer was quoted saying:

When you consider the risks, they made an offer we couldn’t refuse.

It is yet to be known how Mercado’s taking the plea deal will affect Kilpatrick’s outcome. While his lawyer reports being confident that Kilpatrick will not take a plea deal only time will really tell.

What do you think? Will Mercado taking the plea deal have any effect on Kilpatrick’s outcome?