Warning: Michigan Arson Laws are Getting Stricter

Are you aware that Michigan’s arson laws are getting more specific?

You would think by looking outside in Detroit today that it is January and not the end of April. This has been a long winter for the Detroit area. Today, I wanted to share with you that Michigan has tightened the laws on arson. These laws have already gone into effect.

Life in Prison

In Michigan alone in 2011, there were 10,552 arsons reported by the state police. Out of those fires, 67 people lost their lives and 130 people were injured. According to MLive.com,

A batch of changes to Michigan’s arson laws take effect Wednesday, boosting maximum penalties for more serious offenses – up to life in prison in the worst cases — while increasing prosecutors’ options in charging the crime. Fire investigators and law enforcement officials hope the changes help deter potential arsonists by making the punishment fit the crime.”

The Major Changes: These could land you in prison for life:

  • A new category was created called First degree arson. This includes any type of arson that includes multi-unit dwelling with no injuries and any arson that inflicts physical harm.
  • Any arson with the intent for fraud of an insured dwelling.

It Doesn’t Stop at Life in Prison

Not only do you face life in prison now, but also you could be fined up to $20,000 for first-degree arson.

Whenever there are new laws put into place, someone can find themselves facing harsher punishment then they knew they would. This is why having an experienced defense lawyer can make all the difference. If you have any questions regarding the new arson laws, do not hesitate to call me. I will defend your rights.