Angel’s Night Considered a Success by Detroit Mayor

Did you see any fires on Angel’s Night?

Was your child detained for violating curfew?

If you have been following our blog updates here at the David J. Kramer Law Firm, PLLC, you will know that we have been working hard to keep you updated on Detroit’s plan to wipe out criminal activity on Angle’s Night. This year teams of volunteers, officers and firefights worked hard to keep everyone safe. Here are a few ways they did it:

  1. Volunteers hung signs with 3 foot eyes and a warning that said,

    This Building is Being Watched: Stop Halloween Arson.

  2. Strict curfews were enforced for all minors.
  3. Volunteers everywhere help patrol the streets with flashlights.

Over the three day period, the fires reduced to 93. The city typically sees about 40 fires a night. The Detroit Free Press broke down the fires like this.

  • 39 reported fires were in occupied dwellings
  • 20 reported fires were in vacant buildings
  • 12 reported fires were in cars
  • 18 reported fires were in “rubbish”
  • Angel’s Night curfews were down from 123 to 50 this year. However, they city only issued 20 tickets to parents.

“Mayor Dave Bing credited hard work by Detroit’s public safety workers and committed volunteers for keeping this year’s tally of fires over the Halloween period below what the city would see on average days. Mayor Bing said, “Angels Night was another tremendous night for us in the city of Detroit, a lot of success.”

Do you think it is right to ticket a parent for the minor’s behavior? While the fires were greatly reduced and we are thankful for that, do you think the city can ticket you for your child being out past curfew?