4 Reasons Why Good People Do Bad Things

Reasons Why Good People Do Bad Things

Have you ever considered why good people do bad things?

Oh, the tangled webs we can weave. Many white-collared crimes start with one small ethical mishap. However, that one small mishap can lead to something so much bigger. Why does this happen? Why do good people make bad choices?

We have all been there. A few minor mistakes and suddenly things are out of control. Let’s take a look at 4 of reasons why good people make bad choices.

  1. Feelings of Detachment
    Do you need to feel like you are a part of your company and its decisions? According to Business Insider,“When people feel detached from the goals and leadership of their workplace, they are more likely to commit fraud, steal, or hurt the company via neglect.”
  2. Your Own Self Image
    When we have a strong self image, we are actually less likely to do something unethical. When we allow our environment to determine our self image we are more likely to bend the rules.
  3. Power
    Business Insider reports that in a recent study, people who are given power are less likely to hold themselves accountable and much more likely to have higher expectation for others.
  4. Broken Window Theory
    This theory was made known by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. In an effort to clean up the city the former mayor chose to lower to crime rates by cracking down on smaller crimes. It is to be understood that in an environment where there is disorganization and disorder it is more likely for someone presume that there is no real authority.

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