What You Need to Know About Underage Drinking

Underage DrinkingHave you ever worried your teenager was drinking and driving?

Alcohol is the most common drug that is used and abused by youth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a study was done to examine the risky behavior of youth. While teenage drinking is not new news, the study’s findings may not sit well with you. The Youth Risk Behavior Survey of 2009 interviewed high school students based on the past 30 days and reported the following alarming behaviors:

Survey Findings

  • 42% drank some amount of alcohol
  • 24% binge drank
  • 10% drove after drinking alcohol
  • 28% rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol

Further studies showed that:

  • 28% of 12-20 year olds drink, 19% of those saying they binge drink
  • 37% of 8th graders having tired alcohol
  • 72% of 12th graders tried alcohol
  • 15% of 8th graders having drank alcohol in the last month
  • And 44% of 12th graders drank alcohol in the last month

The CDC reported that in 2008, 190,000 emergency room visits were due to alcohol related injuries in individuals under the age of 21 years. With wide spread use alcohol among the youth of American, their futures need to be protected.

Recently, an unnamed Michigan teen was charged with a Driving Under the Influence or DUI. The charged was reduced to Minor in Possession or MIP and community service was required. During this teen’s time in community service, her passion and her career were ignited. Today, she has a successful career and bright future.

Being charged as a teen with a DUI or a MIP can be a terrifying situation. With the teen’s future on the line, it is important to have a competent attorney lawyer who is willing to protect that future.

Let me protect your teen’s future.