Economic Hardships and Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence ChargeThe Police Executive Research Forum recently conducted a survey that shows a direct correlation between hard economic times and domestic violence according to an article published in the USA Today. The survey found that out of the 700 responding agencies, 56% reported that the poor economy is driving up domestic conflict. This figure is up from 40% from a similar survey in 2010.

Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson is reported as stating, “When stresses in the home increase because of unemployment and other hardships, domestic violence increases. We see it on the street.”

Stress Over Unpaid Bills

Michigan has been one of the hardest hit states during this difficult economic time. Stress over unpaid bills and unemployment can cause emotions to get out of control. While this trend is concerning, there may be other answers then jail for individuals facing a domestic violence charge.

Jail Alternatives

One example of determining an alternative to incarceration for a domestic violence conviction is pinpointing the root of the fight. When an altercation happens, this may have been the result of financial stress. Losing a job or an inability to pay bills may be the root cause. Seeking employment or financial guidance may address the problem verses sending an individual to jail. This may be a particularly a good option for those who have never been in this kind of a situation before. Counseling may also be an alternative to jail time.

A domestic violence charge and conviction can have a profound impact on an individual’s life. This impact could endanger future employment and if jail time is given, could increase the financial strain that is already burdening the family. Having an attorney that is willing to look at other alternatives and work for the best interest of you and your family is priceless.

Alternatively these cases often boil down to a ‘he said she said’ issue. I have won 35 domestic violence trials and have not lost one.

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