Ecstasy Possession in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

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Did you know that taking ecstasy in Michigan is a misdemeanor offense?

You could spend up to a year in jail if the drug is found in your system. It can be found through your blood, saliva, hair, sweat, and other sources through drug tests.

Did you know that Michigan is hard on drug crimes? In fact, a simple possession charge is a felony and could land you in prison for up to ten years under Michigan law because ecstasy is a Schedule I drug.

Ecstasy is highly addictive and has no accepted medical uses.

Using ecstasy is legally risky for its potential to get you into trouble. However, it is also dangerous for other reasons.

Facts About Ecstasy

According to the Center For Substance Abuse Research, ecstasy is the common name for MDMA or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. It is a stimulant and a hallucinogenic drug that was first synthesized in 1912 by a German pharmaceutical company that was trying to make an appetite suppressant.

It was used for a short amount of time in the 1970s by a group of U. S. therapists for psychotherapy but then banned in 1988. It was categorized as a Schedule I drug at that time, at which point it became a popular recreational drug.

It is now the fourth most popular drug in the country.

Ecstasy is also known as “X,” “E,” and “MDMA.” It became popular at raves but is used in many situations.

It causes the brain to flood itself with serotonin, the happy hormone. Users experience a rush of intense, pleasant sensations, and heightened sensitivity to touch.

Thus, it has been used as a date rape drug and is commonly used to try to strengthen the sensations of sex. It is taken in combination with Viagra (called “sextacy”) because on its own; it decreases sexual performance while heightening sexual desire.

Dangers of Ecstasy

Dangers of ecstasy include:

  • Depression after the drug wears off, due to the brain’s depletion of serotonin
  • Pills marked as ecstasy contain adulterants in a high percentage of cases – some of them contain no MDMA at all. These pills may actually be MDA, Ketamine, PMA, DXM, PCP or cut with ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, caffeine or over-the-counter medications. Unintended side-effects from mixing drugs are likely.
  • MDMA damages critical thought and memory functions and it degenerates serotonin-producing neurons and dopamine transmitters.
  • High levels of serotonin create significant drug cravings
  • Heat stroke from severe dehydration

Users may experience:

  • Muscle tension,
  • Hallucinations – including getting “stuck” in a painful memory –
  • Anxiety and paranoia,
  • Involuntary jaw clenching,
  • Nausea,
  • Severe dehydration and raised temperature – in some cases leading to death when mixed with alcohol and dancing.
  • Elevated blood pressure, breath, and heart rate.

What to Do if You Are Being Investigated

You need to find the best lawyer possible for yourself if you are being accused of or investigated for a drug crime in Michigan. In addition, a beneficial outcome is not likely without an experienced attorney working on your side.

Moreover, law enforcement agencies are cracking down on every aspect of ecstasy use, including users, distributors, and manufacturers.

If you are found with enough of the drug in your possession, it is much more likely that officers will try to turn your charge into possession with intent to deliver.

Penalties for Ecstasy Possession in Michigan

Possession of MDMA could land you with a felony, prison for up to 10 years, and stiff fines according to the Michigan Penal Code 333.7212. However, other factors could amplify your sentence to be much more than that.

If authorities can prove you possessed MDMA near a park, school, church, or business, you may be slapped with a harsher sentence. The same is true if you have previous drug convictions on your record.

The sooner you can have a lawyer working for you, the better. An experienced drug crimes attorney can make sure your rights are not violated, and use these facts to your advantage in court.

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