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Criminal Sexual Conduct

Michigan’s Mandatory Reporting Laws to Improve Crime Reporting

Since the scandal of ex-Michigan State University sports doctor Larry Nassar’s abuse of more than 100 girls and women erupted, Michigan’s mandatory reporting laws have been under scrutiny. Now, a three-bill package is being introduced in the State of Michigan

Sexual Misconduct and Changes to Michigan Laws

The newest iteration of the ongoing sexual misconduct scandals rocking our nation involves changes to Michigan’s laws. If you have lived in the state for any length of time, you may have heard about the bribery and racketeering that seems

Michigan’s Lifetime Electronic Monitoring of Sex Offenders

The Dr. Larry Nassar trial and story continues to unfold on the national stage. He is the former MSU employee – a sports medicine doctor – who also worked for the women’s gymnastics organization USA Gymnastics.

Sexual Violence and Victim Reporting Lag Time

As the allegations of sexual misconduct by famous and powerful men continue to roll out, one of the most prominent questions being asked is, why didn’t they come forward before now?

Street Harassment and Michigan Law

Did you know you could get 90 days in jail and/or a $500 fine for swearing at or using vulgar language to someone on the street in Michigan? Did you know you could get double if it’s in the presence

Top Holiday Related Crimes to Watch Out For

The holiday season is full of all kinds of things for people: celebrations, cheer, warmth, and a lot of times debt, stress, and dread. Unfortunately, holidays aren’t always positive for everyone. This is a time of year when crime is

Sex on a Plane: Legal or Illegal?

Two Delta Air Line’s passengers were served citations by the FBI for allegedly having sex on the plane. The unidentified couple was on a Delta flight headed to Detroit from Los Angeles on October 29, 2017.

Are There Any Parental Rights For Rapists?

It all started with a change.org petition email with the subject, “a rapist granted child custody?” The petitioners wanted a Michigan judge’s decision to be overturned. In addition, they want the judge himself to be impeached and removed from his

What the Me Too Movement Says About Sexual Harassment

By now, even those most unaware of what’s going on in the world know about Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein was a powerful Hollywood producer of Oscar-nominated films such as “Shakespeare in Love.” He has been fired from the company he co-founded

Sexual Harassment at Work: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Is sexual harassment in the workplace a crime? Fox News host, Eric Bolling, got a double whammy in August 2017. First, he was suspended from his job for allegedly sending texts of male genitalia to three female colleagues. Then, a