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Have you or has someone you love been arrested for drunk driving in Michigan?

Spring of 2020, the year the world dealt with a global pandemic, might be remembered by some here in Michigan as the spring everything was closed. However, liquor stores remained “essential businesses.”

Psychology Today speculates America’s hesitation to ban alcohol sales is because of distant memories of prohibition or because taxes on alcohol sales bring revenue to the state.

There may be another aspect to liquor stores staying open. Michigan (the U.S., the world) doesn’t seem to be coping well. Many people try to cope with stress, anxiety, and fear by using substances. Alcohol is relatively cheap and easy to obtain, even during a pandemic.

Do you find yourself wondering if you have a drinking problem? Has your drinking become more frequent or more intense during Michigan’s lockdown?

Have you recently considered driving when you know you shouldn’t because of your alcohol intake? Did you get pulled over for a DUI?

Michigan Law and Drinking While Driving

The first thing you should know – if you are in one of these situations – is that in Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb Counties, testing for alcohol will most likely become a routine part of your life as part of the condition of bond.

If you want to go home and resume your job or caring for your children, you are going to find yourself having to face what might be a problem with alcohol much sooner than you thought. You won’t be able to drink, and you will have to prove that you aren’t drinking.

Do you want to know why?

After all, anyone can make a one-time mistake. The reason for testing is that research has found ample evidence that a significant percentage of first-time OWI or OWVI offenders (Michigan’s DUI charges) do have a drinking problem.

However, most of them don’t think they do. It’s not a problem for the courts – they will send you to counseling or jail. It can become a significant problem for you.

What you don’t want is to spend your money and lose time and freedom dealing with multiple DUI charges instead of spending that time and money dealing with the real problem and moving on with your life.

Getting Help for Second or Third DUI Offenses

In terms of second or third offenses, Michigan courts understand this does signal a real problem.

Whether you are ready to admit it, the court sees you as dangerous, and it’s going to do everything it can to keep you off the road until you have changed your life.

If you get charged with a second DUI within seven years, the system sees you as a “habitual offender” automatically, and orders you into counseling.

Thankfully, we don’t see you as a “habitual offender.” We see you as a person. You are still entitled to a great defense. However, we would like to do more than that for your well-being. We know that:

  • Almost 95% of alcoholics are killed by factors related to their alcoholism. Think about that: your drinking unchecked will almost certainly be what kills you.
  • Alcoholics die 26 years earlier on average than they otherwise would have died.
  • No one gets better from being forced to deal with their problem. They have to choose to change.
  • Counseling or treatment that the court forces on you may or may not be suitable for your situation or your temperament, and it may not treat the underlying issues at the root of your drinking.

Treatment programs vary, and they can be tailored to fit your needs and your schedule. You can telecommunicate with a therapist during Michigan’s lockdown and take back your life even during the pandemic.


A first-time drunk driving offense may not indicate you have a serious problem. However, many first-time offenders do have a drinking problem. The consequences for conviction are stiff.

Why not meet the challenge head-on with the added help and guidance through the legal system? If counseling and testing are about to be court-ordered, you can at least get ahead by choosing your counselor or treatment program.

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