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What the Future of Forensic Science Means for You

Finger prints depicting finger print forensic science

Are you or is a loved one being investigated for a crime as a result of forensic technology?

Bad Forensic Science Techniques: What You Need to Know

Gavel depicting highlight on bad forensic science techniques

Have you or a loved been falsely accused in Michigan because of faulty forensic science techniques?

False Accusations – What to Do If You’re Falsely Accused

If you are being investigated for a crime you did not commit, you should take immediate action to protect yourself.

The Reality of Being a Suspect When You Are Innocent

Have you been named a suspect or a person of interest in a criminal investigation? Could either one impact your life?

The Dubious Art of Criminal Profiling

For several decades now, we have been seeing crime TV shows depict a scene where detectives “read” a murder scene. They make predictions about how old the killer is, where he lives, what he likes, and how he thinks.

Eyewitness Misidentification: The Scary Truth

Can you imagine being on death row for a crime you did not commit? What if the reason why you were there was eyewitness misidentification?

Wrongful Convictions Following Shocking False Confessions

False confessions are more common than you think. Consider the case of Jessie Misskelley Jr. Why would he confess to helping two other teenagers torture, mutilate, and kill three innocent 8-year-old boys if he didn’t do it? For something so

Satanic Panic in America: What You Need To Know

Have you heard the podcast, Stuff You Should Know about the so-called “satanic panic” from the 1980s? Before listening to that story, you may be unaware of the far-reaching consequences this cultural phenomenon had until more recently. In a recent

Wrongful Convictions Caused By Government Misconduct

If you have been following stories of wrongful convictions being overturned, you will notice a trend in many of these stories. That trend has to do with government misconduct. For many wrongfully convicted people, the original crime must be investigated

Forensic Science and Wrongful Convictions – The Scary Truth

What does forensic science have to do with wrongful convictions? Let’s take a closer look at the Jason Baldwin case. He was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1994. He didn’t want to take the Alford Plea Deal in 2011. When