Man Arrested for Presents Filled with Pot for Christmas

Are you ready for the holidays?

Are all of your Christmas presents wrapped?

The holidays are almost here as Christmas is right around the corner. With one more weekend to go, the holiday crunch is here. If your gifts are already wrapped, my guess is you are feeling pretty successful.

One Florida man was ahead of the Christmas gift giving game. He had his presents purchased, wrapped and ready to give. Unfortunately, those presents have been confiscated by the police and this man is now in prison. The gifts were confiscated because inside each package were baggies filled with the Christmas gift of marijuana.

Randy Jesus Valdivia, 38, of Surfside, Florida was pulled over by state police when the police noticed Valdivia acting a little strange. According to,

Police said they observed “criminal activity indicators,” and they asked Valdivia for his consent to search his 2014 Dodge Caravan. Valdivia gave permission for the search, and police found the gift-wrapped boxes, they said.”

Pot for Christmas

I am sure the police didn’t expect what they found. They opened the presents and found 40 individually wrapped baggies full of marijuana. The reports indicate that the street value of the marijuana was $160,000.

Valdivia was arrested and charged with possession with the intent to deliver.

Confusion Over Marijuana

Marijuana is one of those topics that have been in the news a lot lately, especially in Michigan. Michigan cities everywhere are voting to decriminalize marijuana.

With the U.S Department of Justice now allowing states to regulate marijuana, we can expect that marijuana and the confusion surrounding it will continue for a while.

While your city may be working to decriminalize marijuana, many police officers in cities like Flint and Ferndale still plan to enforce current state law. Possession of marijuana without a medical marijuana license remains illegal in the state of Michigan.

If you have found yourself convicted of a marijuana related offense, please contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. You do not have to face this alone. I will be happy to help. Please call my office at:

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