Detroit Tops Forbes Most Dangerous Cities List As Crime Rate Decreases

Do you feel safe driving at night in the city of Detroit?

Have you often thought that it was faster to get a pizza delivered in Detroit than to have the police respond?

While many Detroit residents have felt that they could get a pizza delivered to their house faster than the police, that’s all changing, but maybe not fast enough. Detroit’s government officials have been actively trying to create hope for the city by addressing the crime and high homicidal rates.

Homicide Rates in Detroit

There is no denying that Detroit hasn’t been the safest city for some time. In fact this isn’t the first year Detroit has made Forbes Most Dangerous Cities list. This is actually Detroit’s fifth appearance. According to

The steady outflow of residents has driven Detroit’s murder rate up to 54.6 per 100,000, more than 10 times the national average and the highest in the country among large cities.”

The official homicidal rates for 2013 are not in yet, but we do know in October it appeared from our article, Detroit Boasts Lower Homicide Rates Compared to Last Year, that the rates will likely be lower. Unfortunately, lower for Detroit is still high compared to the national average.

Reasons for Hope in 2014

Forbes points out that there is hope for Detroit. State-appointed emergency manager, Kevin Orr, was the one to hire former Cincinnati police chief James Craig. James Craig is ushering in hope for Detroit. He is a Detroit native and so far he has started a restructuring of the entire Detroit Police force. He has replaced captains and has ended the 12-hour shifts for patrol officers. You can read more in my article, As Detroit’s Homicide Rate Goes Up, Police Get a Break.

As we approach the end of the year the homicidal rates will tell us if Detroit is on its way to become a safer city. What do you think? Do you think Detroit is becoming a safer city?