How to Start the Divorce Process in Michigan

Divorce in Michigan

What is it like to file for divorce?

The question about what it is like to file for divorce is the question on everyone’s mind who has ever considered filing for a divorce in Michigan. It is normal to want to know what you are getting yourself into. Today, we are going to help answer common questions about the divorce process in Michigan and give anyone asking those questions a better idea of what’s coming next.

Last week, we posted our first article of our new series called Michigan Requirements for Getting A Divorce. Every Monday for the next several weeks, we will be posing articles related to divorce. These articles will give answers to anyone who has question surrounding divorce.

Now, let’s take a look at how to start the divorce process.

Completing Documents and Serving Your Spouse

If you are seeking a divorce in Michigan, the first thing you need to do is to file a complaint, a summons and any other court documents. Once all the forms are completed, the next step is serving your spouse with the papers. The actual serving of the papers is not done by you. Instead, it is usually completed by a sheriff’s deputy. The papers are hand delivered in person or sent by certified mail.

Your Spouse’s Response

Your spouse will then have the opportunity to respond. The response will be per paragraph of the complaint you completed. Your spouse will either agree or disagree. Matters like child custody, property and debt distribution will all be a part of the response.

According to Michigan Legal Help, if you and your spouse disagree on the complaint, it is time to hire a lawyer to help you.

If your spouse does not answer the order, the divorce becomes known as an “uncontested divorce”. Just because the divorce is uncontested does not mean that the court will approve the divorce and the process is over.

Next is a waiting period and depending on the terms of your divorce. This waiting period could take 6 months or longer.

Divorce is never easy and we are here to help. If you or someone you know is considering a divorce and have any additional questions, please call our office:

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