Richard Keller Takes Plea Deal in Child Pornography Charge

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Today, we are examining a story that comes out of one of America’s most prestigious areas in the Boston, Connecticut area. Dr. Richard Keller is facing a child pornography charge.

Keller has spent most of his career working as a medical director at the elite private school Philips Academy in Andover. This is the same Phillips Academy that John F. Kennedy Jr. went to as well as George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush.

Now facing 20 years in prison, Keller, 57, has agreed to a plea deal. Here is what the Huffington Post reported,

Prosecutors and Keller’s attorney filed a report in court this week saying they have had plea negotiations over the last several months and have reached an agreement in principle on a plea deal. They asked to schedule a change-of-plea hearing for next month to give them time to complete details.”

According to reports, Keller has a wife who also works at Phillips Academy and a child.

Phillips Academy Chose Not to Renew Keller’s Contract

In 2011, Keller resigned from his job as medical director at Phillips Academy after being informed that the school would not be renewing his contract. The school made that decision base on something completely different from the child porn case.

Keller’s contact was not renewed because in 1999 he had accessed the schools computer for adult porn. Then in 2002, he had reportedly shown an inappropriate cartoon to the students. The school reported they had no idea about the child pornography case.

Keller’s Name Shows Up In Another Case

This Harvard Medical School professor and pediatric endocrinologist is being accused of possessing and receiving child pornography. During another case about a company that had been suspected of making movies with child pornography, Keller’s name and address came up.

The records showed that over 50 titles had been sent to Keller at two separate addresses. One of those addresses was the Phillips Academy. Allegedly, when police searched Keller’s home, there was dozens of DVD of child pornography and over 500 high quality prints of child pornography.

The details have yet to be released about the terms of the plea deal. However, the change-of-plea hearing has been set for next month.

Child Pornography Charge

Being accused of child pornography charge is an extremely serious situation. In Keller’s case, he could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel that one is innocent until proven guilty applies in this case?

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