Gun Control Rally Brings Out Parents on Both Sides of the Issue

Where do you stand with the government’s push for more gun control?

Have you found gun control to be one of those hot button topics?

Politics and Religion

I’ve always heard that you never bring up politics and religion at a dinner party. I think it may be time to add opinions on gun control as well. While gun control is political, recently it has become its own hot button topic. You know, the kind of topic that you do not want to bring up in front of your in-laws.

200 People on Both Sides

In April 2013, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense organized a rally at the Michigan’s Capital in Lansing. This rally brought out 200 people on both sides of the issue. After the shooting in Connecticut where 20 children and 8 adults died, gun violence has had the focus of not only the White House, but all of America.

Propose Gun Control Restrictions

According to the Detroit Free Press, the goal of adding sense to gun control means

  • Banning assault weapons
  • Online ammunition sales
  • Required background checks on all gun and ammunition sales

Many who oppose the change wore their firearms openly at the rally. Others who supported the change retold stories of losing someone they loved to guns.

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero had this to say to the crowd,

More guns in the community have not made us safer, and more guns still will not make us safe. But sensible gun laws will.”

While this may not the best topic to bring up with your next door neighbor, you are more than welcome to discuss it here. Tell us what side you are on and why in the comments below.