Detroit Ex-Mayor’s Weekend Getaway

Will Kilpatrick ever repay the City of Detroit?

We all know that Kwame Kilpatrick prefers the finer things in life. I doubt he is feeling refreshed after his weekend getaway.

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday. I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather in our great City of Detroit. Today, we are sharing our weekly update on Detroit’s Ex-Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick.

We have been following this case closely because like many Detroiters, we have a desire to know how everything will turn out for the man who once carried the hopes and dreams of Detroit.

Texting Scandal

Due to Kilpatrick conviction for obstructing justice in 2008 the mayor is in debt to Detroit. By in debt, I mean the Detroit Free Press projected his restitution payment at $855,000. The sum was overwhelming for Kilpatrick and his family, so there was an agreement made on the month payment that would be paid back.

Because of the repayment deal made Kilpatrick as a part of his parole is required to report all of his income and his expenses.

No 5 Star Hotel for Kilpatrick

Our ex-mayor is known for his swagger and great style. This past weekend, however, Kilpatrick did not spend it in a 5 star hotel.  Instead, he spent the weekend in jail due to violating his parole. He had been locked up since Friday afternoon.

Have you been following Kilpatrick’s career? What do you think is in store for Detroit’s ex-mayor?