Kilpatrick’s Personal Piggy Bank

What happened at Kilpatrick’s trial Tuesday?

First, I have to say Go Tigers! One more game and we have a sweep. Tigers, you are doing Detroit proud.

Have you been paying attention to the former mayor of Detroit’s trial? If not then today is a great day to start.

If you had been sitting in court yesterday, you would have heard the prosecution showing the jury more examples of how this mayor used the nonprofit Kilpatrick Civil Fund as his very own piggy bank. The Detroit Free Press reports that yesterday:

According to Tuesday’s testimony, the civic fund was tapped for $3,050 in 2006 for a set of Nike golf clubs for Kilpatrick and a golf bag embroidered with “The Mayor;” and another $2,500 paid for a birthday bash for Kilpatrick’s grandfather at the Atheneum Hotel.

The prosecution continued building with wiretap evidence and the copies of checks made out for Kilpatrick’s “granddaddy’s birthday”.

However, the defense says that Kilpatrick’s purchases were to benefit the great city of Detroit and all justifiable. According to the defense, Kilpatrick’s granddaddy’s birthday party that the civic fund paid $2,500 for was valid, because many of the community attended the event. The gold clubs, the defense noted that they were and understandable expense because they were bringing in business.

Four people who donated to the civic fund presented their testimonies before the jury on Tuesday. All of said they would have never had donated if they’d known their money was supporting Kwame Kilpatrick’s luxurious expenses.

So, what do you think? Do you think purchases like golf clubs and birthday parties have benefited the city of Detroit? Or, do you think that Kwame Kilpatrick misused money meant to do Detroit good?