Medical Marijuana Use Restricted in Jackson, Michigan Homes

Has your city restricted where medical marijuana is grown or consumed?

Medical marijuana continues to be a hot topic throughout the U.S. Today, we are spotlighting news about a controversial ordinance that is coming out of the city of Jackson, Michigan.

Jackson has been known around Michigan for the state’s first prison, the Michigan State Prison or Jackson State Prison. The south central Michigan city has been in the headlines because of the new city ordinance that was passed on Tuesday. This new ordinance is forcing residents with a medical marijuana card to only use 20% of their home for the use of the drug.

According to the Detroit Free Press,

A new ordinance in Jackson will require medical marijuana users and caregivers to use only 20 percent of their homes for drug use and cultivation. The measure that passed Tuesday night by a 4-3 vote of the Jackson City Council is scheduled to go into effect Sept. 12, the Jackson Citizen Patriot reported.”

Some of the citizens of the city of Jackson protested saying that there should not be any reason why someone who is abiding the law should be told where they can and where they can’t abide that law.

Council member, Kimberly Jaquish, voted against the new ordinance. She is reported as stating: “I don’t think people should be restricted in their homes in any way. Your house is your castle. We shouldn’t be involved in your home.”

According to the same article in the Detroit Free Press, “two other possible restrictions were struck from the Jackson ordinance.” The stricken constraints would have required those living in an apartment or rental house to report to their landlord about their use of medical marijuana. The second was the prohibition of “combustible materials” for those living in homes where medical marijuana was growing.

We have shared a lot of information over the past year about medical marijuana. The reason is because city and state law are in constant flux and there are no common state wide ordinances. We don’t want any of our readers to get caught off guard. If anyone does get caught off guard, we want them to have the chance to defend them.

Do you have any questions about medical marijuana and the law in your city? Do you know of someone who didn’t realize what the local ordinance is and is now facing charges? Please have them pick up the phone and give my office a call at: 248-348-7400 or 586-530-1000.