Oakland Township Man Tries to Clear His Name

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As Jacob Trakhtenberg fought for custody of his children in an ugly divorce battle, allegations were made that Trakhtenberg sexually assaulted a relative that was 7 years old.

It was not long after that, his ex-wife filed a civil suit claiming assault, battery and an intention to inflict emotional distress. While the jury ruled in favor of Trakhtenberg in the civil suit filed by his ex-wife, he would not be so lucky again.

According to The Detroit News, Trakhtenberg was appointed a lawyer by the court system. His lawyer chose not to make an opening statement or call forward any witnesses.

Six years ago, then-Oakland Circuit Judge Deborah Tyner found Trakhtenberg guilty of second-degree criminal sexual assault following a trial of less than an hour. It was a bench trial without a jury” “Trakhtenberg was ultimately sentenced to four to 15 years in prison.

Mr. Trakhtenberg has denied over and over again that he assaulted the girl. With his passion to clear his name he took and passed a polygraph test. Trakhtenberg’s denial of something that he does not believe he did, has kept him from being able to complete the sex abuse therapy that he has needed complete before he can be paroled.

He could have been paroled over a year ago

Mr. Trakhtenberg is set to be released in November, serving the minimum of his sentence. This trial has been appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court and they will hear that Trakhtenberg did not have adequate representation and should have had witnesses called on his behalf.

We have seen this one too many times. So much so that the American Civil Liberties is now suing the State of Michigan because of it. Whether these lawyers are over worked, under paid or, both, Mike Steinburg of the American Civil Liberties is suing for not providing adequate legal representation. Trakhtenberg has also filed a civil suit against the defense attorney who chose not to make an opening statement or call any witnesses.

It is terrifying to think of an innocent man being sent to prison. If you are facing a crime that you did not commit, please contact a lawyer with a proven track record of defending the innocent.  Please call me.